Winners Choice Championships

April 17, 2021 - Hollywood 360°

THE FINAL CHOICE! Lots of opportunities to win BIG by choice and the Winners Circle of chance!

All coaches and athletes receive a participant gift

All teams receive a placement banner

Level Champions receive Level Champion Hoodie

Cheer level champions, dance genre champions, and exceptional athlete champions (determined by % of score sheet) will enter the Winners Circle and Spin to Win CASH!

Specialty Awards for Cheer & Dance and Spin to Win $500!

Spin to Win! Jackpot Champion receives $1,000! Stay in the game by competing in our LIVE event! Your team will have a chance to win the Winners Circle Jackpot!

Top Fan Challengers Spin to Win a unique fan gift.


All-Star CHEER teams ** USASF Rosters Required with 5 or more athletes

Building Challenge

Pyramid Challenge

Tosses Challenge

Dance Challenge

Standing Tumbling Challenge

Running Tumbling Challenge

Jumps Challenge

All-Star DANCE – USASF Rosters required for 5 or more dancers

Solo / Duos / Trios Across the Floor Challenge

Hip Hop Tricks Challenge

Dance Challenge - USASF Rosters Required

Combinations Across the Floor Challenge - USASF Rosters Required

All-Star EXCEPTIONAL ATHLETES - USASF Rosters required for 5 or more dancers