Winners Choice Championships

The Debut
November 2021 - January 2022

Live & Remote! Patented Crowd Interaction! (includes equipment for first time customers)

The Debuts will be available in the November, December and January timeframe for any cheer or dance program and can be weekends or weekdays. Select your date! Contact for availability.

Packages will include live streaming of your showcase/kickoff remotely from from your own location to Debut your routines for family and friends. This live streaming event can be public or private, the choice is yours.

The Debut will off packages for purchase that will include evaluations of routines based on the standard score sheet or USASF/IASF Worlds Scoresheet for Worlds bound teams. Winners Choice is partnered with TRU Triple Threat for cheer adjudication and work with an experienced panel of dance judges with expertise across all genres.

The Debut can also be set up with multiple locations and multiple programs if requested. This will allow large programs to connect with other locations and small programs to receive a service that would normally not be affordable.

Individual programs may use this opportunity to sell virtual tickets and raise money! Create a day that will excite your families and fans!