November 14, 2020 - Challenge 360°

Whether you are completely ready for full-on competition or just want to compete components of your routine this is for you. Get ready to rally in the Winners Circle Challenge! The Judges Choice and Winners Choice teams with full routines earn paid and at-large bids to compete in the Winners Choice 360° Finals in April.

All coaches and athletes receive a participant gift Division Champion athletes receive medals

The top team in each full routine division receives a banner

The top 3 teams in each division receive at-large bids to the Winners Choice Championship Finals!

Cheer level champions from both small and large gyms, Dance genre champions, and Exceptional Athlete champions (determined by % of score sheet) will enter the Winners Circle and Spin to Win $1,000!

Specialty Awards for Cheer & Dance

Spin to Win! Jackpot Champion receives $500! Stay in the game by competing in our LIVE event! Your team will have a chance to win the Winners Circle Jackpot!.

Overall Grand Champion determined by the highest % of the score sheet will win a Paid Bid to the Winners Choice Championships Finals!

The top 3 teams in each division receive a virtual banner

Challenge Champion participants win gold medals and are entered into the Winners Circle Spin To Win for $500!

Top Fan Challengers Spin to Win a unique fan gift.

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Challenge 360°

  • Challenge $10pp first entry, $5pp for any additional entry.
  • Dance Solo $25, Duo $45, Trio $60


All-Star CHEER teams ** USASF Rosters Required with 5 or more athletes

Building Challenge

Pyramid Challenge

Tosses Challenge

Dance Challenge

Standing Tumbling Challenge

Running Tumbling Challenge

Jumps Challenge

All-Star DANCE – USASF Rosters required for 5 or more dancers

Solo / Duos / Trios Across the Floor Challenge

Hip Hop Tricks Challenge

Dance Challenge - USASF Rosters Required

Combinations Across the Floor Challenge - USASF Rosters Required

All-Star EXCEPTIONAL ATHLETES - USASF Rosters required for 5 or more dancers